Do you believe that representative democracy really can work in Georgia?

Well, I do, and that's why I'm running an independent campaign...

  • Independent of petty partisanship and all the baggage that comes with it, and
  • Independent of big money donations and the favoritism that that brings.

I have fought for 25 years, as an individual, representing my neighborhood, and representing the people of our state at Common Cause Georgia to create open and transparent government at all levels. I'll continue that fight at the General Assembly. I was the state's leading ethics watchdog for over eight years at Common Cause, so I will take the lead on ethics reform. But I'll also apply those

same principles to finding solutions to the wide range of strategic issues facing us. Once in office, I pledge to keep the same restriction I have today on campaign contributions: no lobbyist or PAC money, and no individual contributions over $250.

We may not be able to change the nature of politics in either Washington or Georgia's statewide races, but the voters of District 54 do have a choice this November: vote for business as usual, or vote for Independence.

Independence to me means working together with the people of my district. I will be the same person in public office I have been in the community. I will engage and listen, and the to-do list that I will take to the General Assembly will reflect our give-and-take. I invite you to share your thoughts on what we do about education, traffic, economic growth, healthcare, and sustainable energy and water. I will work hard in the months ahead to hear your voices on these issues and more. You'll see me in your neighborhood. I'll be knocking on your door. You have my phone number and email. I want to show how independence works for you. I ask for your vote in November.


Bill Bozarth

P.S. You can e-mail me through the Contact page of this website, or phone me at 404-848-1012. Let me hear from you.

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